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Renovation of man-accessible collectors is an area of activity our company from which we should start with the Blejkan company genesis and development. All owners, white- and blue-collar workers for many years were gaining their knowledge, they have used creating good building practice...


The year 2015 was a record for us

In 2015 the company renovated about 100 kilometers of sewage network, including 30 kilometers  of large-size collectors. The most commonly used renovation technologies last year were felt and glass CIPP liners...



The renovation project in Jędrzejów completed

27th November, the renovation project in Jędrzejów was officially finalized by signing the final acceptance by the customer, the contract engineer and contractors...


BLEJKAN is the company whose business fundamentals are KNOWLEDGE and PRACTICE. This knowledge improves our thinking and causes that we are effective.

Services and technologies used in the Blejkan company: renovation of large-size collectors circular and non-circular, renovation of lateral connections and sewage network, renovation of wells and inspection chambers, repairs of reinforced concrete and brick surfaces, ...